Blurred Radio Going Live!

Blurred Radio Episode 1 Blog Featured Image

Blurred Radio is releasing our first episode soon! Join co-hosts Jesse Springer and Dave Martina as they introduce themselves and the show. We’ll be talking creativity, freelancing, art and advertising, and give you a rundown of the epic episodes around the corner.

Blurred Radio is a must-listen for anyone in the creative industry. Whether you’re a director, ad agency exec, musician, brand entrepreneur, or a student looking for a career in the ever-changing world of art & ad, Jesse Springer and Dave Martina will bring you the best and brightest guests in their respective industries. We ask the tough questions, get the insider info, and most importantly, have fun doing it! Join us for the ride in the coming months and years. Subscribe in iTunes, SoundCloud, or your preferred podcast provider, and be sure to leave us some stars and a review. We want you to get everything you’d imagined and more out of our show. We’ll talk to you soon!

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