Chris Denson, Omnicom’s Multi-Hyphenate Creative Director, Talks Psychographics, Think Tanks, and Podcasting

Chris Denson, a comedian turned creative director, is the founder of the podcast Innovation Crush and an innovator of media strategy and planning at Ignition Factory. In this episode, Chris chats with our Blurred hosts about his thoughts on emerging media, opens up about his “roller coaster” journey to get where he is today, and inspires listeners to be connoisseurs of culture in order to be successful storytellers.

In This Episode:
00:20 Ignition Factory “The Center for Innovation”
05:40 Dreaming Up Ideas and Working with Clients
08:20 Story Arch of Chris Denson
14:40 The Value of Being a “Multi-Hyphenate”
15:40 “Psychographics” vs “Demographics”
18:20 The Science of Decision Making
27:10 Innovation Crush Podcast
30:45 Creative Fulfillment
40:15 Podcasting
47:45 How to Thrive as a “Multi-Hyphenate”
50:55 Chris’ Thoughts on Emerging Media: Native Advertising, Content Marketing, Virtual Reality, Programatic Advertising (Trading Desks), YouTube Red

00:10 @densonology
00:10 Innovation Crush Podcast on Soundcloud
00:20 Ignition Factory
00:20 Omnicon
06:10 Meerkat / Periscope
20:20 The Century of the Self (BBC Documentary)
21:30 Episode #106 of Innovation Crush with Moran Cerf
29:10 Cenk Uyghur Mad as Hell (Documentary)
37:10 Fast Company / Daily Show


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