Corporate Video Marketing Veteran Edward Garcia Talks Booking Big Clients Like Taco Bell & Toshiba

In this episode of Blurred, we talk to Edward Garcia, veteran director/producer at PS89 Media, specializing in high-level internal corporate marketing and communications. We talk to him about how corporate media budgets are shifting, how to hang onto a client through the toughest of circumstances, and what’s blurry in the world of intra-brand communications.

Edward has worked with fortune 500 clients ranging from Yum Brands’ Taco Bell and KFC to Dell and Toshiba. Warning: due to frequent mention of Edward’s clients, you may develop a hankering for fast food over the duration of this episode.

  • 0:45 – How has technology changed your world?
  • 2:15 – Keeping good clients comes down to being professional
  • 3:00 – 4 requirements for hiring the right team
  • 5:30 – Try to exceed client expectations every time
  • 6:00 – Developing proposals requires high tolerance for ambiguity
  • 7:55 – Referrals are the number 1 source of new business – reputation is everything
  • 9:15 – Building Trust with Del Taco
  • 11:40 – How to break bad news to Fortune 500 clients (Pro tip: don’t text them)
  • 12:15 – How to build great creative inside rigid branding requirements
  • 15:15 – Brand development and finding the true spirit of the work
  • 18:00 – “Managing up” with corporate clients and budgets
  • 19:00 – Never go back to the brief – the client is always right
  • 22:00 – The secret to working with big clients
  • 23:30 – It’s always about the relationship – make a great first impression
  • 24:30 – Great work leads to more work – from Taco Bell to Pollo Loco
  • 27:00 – Production gear: Rent vs. Own in a rapidly changing tech world?
  • 29:30 – What’s Blurry: Content is absolutely king.
  • 30:50 – How to get clients to tell better stories
  • 32:00 – Democratization: “Everyone seems to be a storyteller now”
  • 33:15 – It’s the best industry to be involved in: “There is nothing like production”
  • 33:55 – How to reach Edward Garcia and PS89 Media


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