Creative Lead for Multimedia Immersive Studio, Moment Factory, Jesse Lee Stout Creates Cutting-Edge Sensory Experiences

Today on Blurred, Jesse Lee Stout talks to us about his work as a creative lead for Moment Factory, a new media and entertainment studio specializing in multimedia environments. This stuff is incredible, gnarly installations combining video, lighting, architecture, sound and special effects, projection mapping, lasers – there’s LASERS.
Jesse talks about pacing shows to create the ultimate emotional response, gives advice for aspiring creatives, and discusses his work on the new Imagine Dragons Smoke & Mirrors tour, happening now – we’ll link to that and a ton of Jesse and Moment Factory’s work over on our site, make sure to check it out. Must-see stuff.
This episode is for creative directors, lighting designers, graphic and motion designers, immersive environment geeks and anyone who digs insane, cutting edge, interdisciplinary light and sound installations.

In This Episode:

We began by discussing the new North American Tour of Imagine Dragons, entitled Smoke & Mirrors and designed by Jesse Lee Stout his team at Moment Factory. Jesse began by researching the music of Imagine Dragons and pulling out larger themes of their work. The overarching themes of Smoke & Mirrors are surrealistic – playing on concepts of trust, perception, certainty, and illusion. Building off of the pacing of the album as it translates to the stage includes such elements as video, projection, fog and atmosphere, light and laser programming. In order to put together such interdisciplinary and immersive shows, Moment Factory is employs technicians, architects, directors, writers, producers, administration, designers, animators, coders and artists of all sorts. Creating such cutting edge shows requires utilization of cutting edge technologies – sometimes requiring development of new technology, and creative exploration of new combinations of existing technologies. Beyond that, the best storytelling includes an economy of means: the ability to to a lot with a little, to use a limited number of motifs and place them strategically throughout the whole work for greatest effect. Jesse’s advice to get into ‘crazy creative work’ like what he does: just keep pushing. Success belongs to those who never give up, and persist in their pursuit of creating.


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