EDM Documentary Filmmaker Justin Nizer Talks Porter Robinson, Zedd, Finding Work & Managing Clients

Today we talk with Justin Nizer of Eyewax Films about life on the road shooting documentaries with A-list musicians. We discuss networking, finding clients and working with production budgets, big and small.

  • 0:30 The Backstory
  • 4:00 Nerding out vs Networking
  • 7:00 Creative vs Business
  • 9:15 Workflow and Scaling Up
  • 16:00 The Blurring Economics of Production
  • 19:55 Regimens for the Off Season
  • 26:30 What is Eyewax?
  • 28:30 Dance Music pays my bills.
  • 38:30 What’s Blurry in EDM Documentaries
  • 44:15 Justin Nizer’s Drug of Choice
  • 45:55 A Word to Young Creatives


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