Freelance Creative Director for Target, GE, Fisker Justin Meredith Discusses Creative Guts, Meaningful Work, and the Future of Creativity

Creative director Justin Meredith gets totally real with us about the creative struggle, starting your own agency, and making the coolest stuff you can think of. We discuss his involvement with the AMC network rebrand right before they launched their biggest shows, as well as work for Fisker, GE, Target, and Stand Up 2 Cancer, among many others. Stay tuned for a down-to-earth exploration of what’s blurring in the world of branding and creative development, with Justin Meredith.

In This Episode:

  • 00:45 – Justin Meredith, Creative Director at Large
  • 03:30 – An LA State of Mind – Quality of Life vs. Manhattan
  • 06:10 – The Origin Story – Figuring it Out
  • 11:25 – Life after School – Getting the “Break”
  • 14:30 – Creative Guts: Getting to the “Core Idea” with Clients
  • 21:50 – Finding the Meaning in the Work We Do
  • 29:35 – What’s Blurry in Justin’s World: Job Titles
  • 35:30 – Finding the Right Collaborators in a Blurry World
  • 37:00 – The Future of Creativity and Distribution – A.I. and Automation
  • 41:50 – How to Reach Justin Meredith


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