From CIA to Whiteboard Explainer Videos, Marc Strong of Wienot Films on the Business of Creativity

On this episode of Blurred, we’re talking to Marc Strong, former CIA intelligence analyst and now the driving force behind Wienot films. (Yes, you read that correctly). Using his finely-honed skills in analysis, Marc directs and produces whiteboard explainer videos for major corporations, distilling big ideas into their simplest forms.

Marc talks to us about his circuitous path to media, knowing your own value as a creative (and charging for it), and how to build operations and budget into every project in order to be successful.

This episode is for corporate presenters, trainers, educators, filmmakers, and anyone who has ever had to explain anything via media.

In This Episode:

  • :50 – Show Start: From the CIA to Master Explainer
  • 5:30 – How Marc’s CIA Analyst Background Shapes His Work
  • 7:55 – Distilling Big Ideas Down to their Core
  • 11:00 – Why Whiteboard Animation? Wie Not?
  • 13:15 – Management Brain vs Creative Brain
  • 19:00 – Market Forces and the Value of Creativity: Differentiation is the Key
  • 20:45 – Future Possibilities for Wienot and Explainer Videos
  • 22:00 – Educational Content vs. Traditional Marketing
  • 25:45 – Canon, Gatorade, and Wienot’s Major Brand Clients
  • 28:45 – Scaling Effectively with Rapid Growth
  • 30:30 – Managing Expectations with Big Clients
  • 33:20 – What’s Blurry in Marc’s World?
  • 35:50 – Keeping In Touch with Marc and Wienot Films


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