Marvel Entertainment Creative Executive Trenton Waterson Talks Producing, Distribution, Captain America 3 and the Future of Media

Today on Blurred, it’s Trenton Waterson, feature film producer and creative executive at Marvel. We talk about navigating small indy budgets, securing distribution, some common mistakes young filmmakers make, and how to avoid them. Plus, how to launch your own Instagram show.

  • 2:00 Creative Exec by Day – Working at Marvel
  • 6:40 Want to produce? Just do it.
  • 9:30 Indie Producer by Night
  • 11:15 Turning Fear into Motivation
  • 16:15 What is a “Producer” anyway??
  • 20:25 theCollaborate
  • 26:00 Desert Friends – The first Instagram TV show
  • 29:30 Content Distribution is Blurry
  • 33:35 Preparing for a Career in Film: Just Make Shit


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Tags: hollywood, film, producing, indie, struggle, distribution

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