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July 27, 2015 Worldwide, iTunes

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On this episode of Blurred Radio, it’s THE VOID is the future of virtual reality-based gaming in an immersive 4D environment. See their trailer here:

Ken Bretschneider

CEO & Founder

Mr. Bretschneider is a true entrepreneur. Having experience and passion for the arts, he founded two startups in his early 20s, which included a video game and web development company. After gaining almost a decade of experience, specifically in design and technology, Mr. Bretschneider founded DigiCert in early 2003. DigiCert has since grown to become the world’s third-largest issuer of high-assurance digital certificates using Secure Socket Layer encryption. DigiCert protects major web properties such as Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia and nearly all major government and higher educational institutions. The key to DigiCert’s success was Mr. Bretschneider’s devotion to offering a high value proposition to its customers and a nurturing environment for its employees.

Mr. Bretschneider sold DigiCert in 2012 paving the way for him to explore his other interests. Owing to his fine-arts education, Mr. Bretschneider launched an independent film studio (Deep Studios) and record label (Hidden Records). The record label’s first band “The Moth & The Flame” has risen quickly, listing on all major charts including Billboard Magazine. After a short incubation period the band was signed to Elektra, a division of Capitol Records.

In late 2012, Mr. Bretschneider funded and assisted in launching LINK, a new software start-up focused on developing and marketing a cloud- based, lite ERP solution. LINK is building a state-of-the-art point of sale system (POS) that is nearly out of beta and providing small and medium business owners software solutions that LINK all the important and needed software components together. Mr. Bretschneider owns a majority interest in LINK.

Mr. Bretschneider’s real estate development company, KPB Equities, is presently focused on the Air Urban Center a mixed use development featuring an urban styled boutique hotel with entertainment, which is situated in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. KPB Equities is also exploring additional development opportunities in the hospitality and retail sectors. Ken recently opened a new 80’s themed arcade/gastro-lounge in Sherman Oaks, CA called “The One Up” with a second location opening soon in downtown SLC. The One Up opened with great enthusiasm and fanfare, quickly achieving monthly profitability.

Mr. Bretschneider also owns and operates a 1,000-acre organic cattle ranch in Southeast Idaho (Half Circle Ranch) and a wholesale nursery and tree operation in American Fork, Utah (Thrive Wholesale Growers). Both operations recently achieved profitability. These businesses are synergistic to Mr. Bretschneider’s other ventures. For example, organic beef will be used by several of Ken’s ventures including The One Up and the Air Urban Center. Ken’s nursery provides tree and plant scaping support for several of his businesses.

Recognizing the need for businesses to be active in a social mission, Mr. Bretschneider helped found and launch People Water, which is a cause- based business that provides clean drinking water to those in need around the world. Already, People Water has built wells in Ghana, Nicaragua, India, and has fixed over 40 wells in Haiti and Cambodia. People Water provided relief for the Philippines Typhoon, which gave thousands of people access to clean water following the disaster.

Ken Bretschneider is heading the development of The Void, an exciting entertainment destination on the cutting edge of Virtual Reality. Ken is exited to bring this new technology to the world and truly fulfill the promise of VR.

He has been married for 25 years to Patrice (Allen) Bretschneider. Together they have four daughters.

James Jensen

CTO & Founder

James Jensen started his career in illustration and design right out of high school. In 1994 he worked with Focus Design a local design firm, doing illustrations and computer animation for various clients, introducing him into the world of Adobe products, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects and AVID 3D Animation Softimage. In 1998 He made a transition to Candesa Interactive, one of the larger Internet development companies in Utah at the time. He served for 2 years as their multimedia director with a team of 5 people completing projects for clients like Sony Entertainment, Dreamworks SKG, Sci Fi, Novell, Microsoft, 3Com, Iomega, HP, SUN, Symantec, Hitachi Data Systems and Citibank. With a desire to always be on the leading edge of technology while at Candesa, he expanded his knowledge into all types of multimedia apps and languages, Flash, Dreamweaver, Adobe Premier, Actionscript, HTML, PHP and XML. Using this technology to build all types of websites, interactive games and videos. Between 2001 and 2002 when the big internet crash happened to all interactive companies doing business at that time, James broke off from Candesa Interactive with a small team and started a company called Sandman Studios in his backyard office. Completing one of the most complicated computer generated animation sequences at that time, landing him and his team their first feature film Little Red Riding Hood. With over 13,000 composited CG Animation effects shots, this project kicked their company into the Hollywood scene. Sandman Studios also continued a division of the company that did web and interactive work for various clients.

In 2004 James moved from Sandman Studios as the Creative Director to a Worldvuer as their Chief Technology Officer, partnering with a great friend to complete one of the most technologically advanced web communication platforms to date. With his still determined vision of working on the leading edge of technology, James designed the platform. Developed mostly in Microsoft’s .NET and Flash/Flex custom developed components, they created web apps that compared to Skype and other video communication software, combined into one cohesive video communication social networking web site. Offering free and complete communication tools like: one on one video chat, text chat, video email, web conferencing, MP3 Audio player, upload and recording video player, File sharing and cross account web controls, with the final, never to be seen before app VueCast. VueCast was created with the web entrepreneur in mind, it included a way for a user to create their own live online show that they could charge for, and with controls for advertising, Q&A, live streaming video, directors and guess show hosts a user could perform or teach.

In 2008 James started to partner with other companies and individuals to place new products into the web world. The design and web application of was completed in the 3rd quarter of 2008 with its easy to use video journal tools. This new site gave users the ability to record their most precious thoughts in an easy to use, timeless format, web video. was shortly developed after Napkin Journal in 2009, by partnering with the right companies like Microsoft, Billboard, Our World Live and Move Networks, Band Crashers brought live full HD interactive concerts to web viewers. With James’ design and web application experience he was able bring this dream into reality by creating a multiple camera web application that a user was able to pick and choose their own experience as they watch the live show and connect fans in a whole new way and provide a way for bands to promote their products and music to their followers. In 2012 James contracted with the LDS church to bring the Bible Videos IOS app to the world. Creating real-time interactive 3D mobile environments for mobile users to explore.

While working on church projects he couldn’t keep his love for creation contained and organized a small mobile game development company called Madruse Games with Dustin Andrews. Teaming up Madruse launched the company by entering into Atari’s Pong Contest and created “Pong Tournament” a 3D IOS game. Taking 2nd place, $75,000 award, winning out 120 much larger development companies. Madruse continues to build simple, fun and interactive games for mobile.

“This is only the beginning to what this technology can bring to entertainment and business. It will be fun to see what the next 5 years bring.”
~ James Jensen