Signal is an Interactive Podcasting App by Dustin Steeve, Opening a New Paradigm for Talk Audio

Today, right here on Blurred, we are launching into a whole new paradigm of interactive radio. We’re speaking to Dustin Steeve, founder of a new platform called Signal Podcasting which allows you, the listener, to directly interact with the content of this show.

Dustin discusses the current state of radio and podcasting, what’s broken, and how Signal is fixing it, as well as their plans for eventual world domination – all by letting listeners and content creators interact in new and groundbreaking ways. To find out how – go download the Signal App on the iOS App Store, and enjoy the show! (Don’t worry, we’ll still be here on your trusty old podcast app… for all you techno-laggards out there.)

In This Episode:

  • 1:15 – Listener Participation re: Swag
  • 1:40 – Dustin Steeve, Founder of Signal Podcasting
  • 3:45 – What is Signal, Why should we Care?
  • 6:25 – The ‘Old Power’ Model of Radio Based on Scarcity and Control
  • 8:10 – Signal Incorporates Take-Action Cues, Interactivity
  • 13:50 – Market Competition and the New Revenue Model
  • 23:25 – Will Interactivity Change the Way Audio Content is Made?
  • 24:50 – How the Listener Benefits from Interactivity, Other Features
  • 29:50 – Curating Long-Form Public Discourse
  • 41:50 – Sponsorship, Ad Networks, Potential Value Added for Podcasters
  • 44:45 – Investing, Startups, The Future of Signal


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