Blurred Radio is co-hosted by Jesse Springer and Dave Martina, a couple of real badass mofo’s who mainline a cocktail of making and creating for breakfast every morning. Get their respective scoops below.

Jesse Springer

Jesse Springer, Blurred Radio Co-Host

Jesse Springer

Even if you’re new to Blurred, you’re probably already familiar with Jesse Springer’s voice. He’s heard daily on promos for radio and television networks across the United States, bringing the sexy to phrases like “This summer…”, “Tonight on Fox…” or “Coming up next…” From narrating comedic bits on Jimmy Kimmel Live to phrases like “Save money. Live better. Walmart” – hell, even at those gas station pump TV screens, it seems Jesse is almost inescapable, much to the chagrin of his girlfriend.

A Seattle native, Jesse moved to Los Angeles at age 18, spent two years in film school, then dropped out to accept an account position at an advertising agency, where he was eventually promoted to Creative Director. In 2012, Jesse left the firm to launch his own production company, directing commercials and brand films for the likes of eBay, Taco Bell, Lumativ and others, around his blocks of voiceover sessions.

Jesse’s insatiable addiction to fun, audiovisual stimuli, novel storytelling, Gen-Y cultural trends and “anti-advertising” marketing rears its head in each episode of Blurred. Creativity breeds creativity, and Jesse works tirelessly to surround himself with people who elicit his own incessant desire to always be making.

Jesse Likes:

Disneyland, YouTube, camping, listening to music, making music, astronomy, quantum physics, hiking, onions, fitness, Apple, lasers, coffee with coconut oil, art, nootropics, microphones, comedy, Tesla, parties, being alone, Bulleit Bourbon, hoodies, podcasts, meditation, his lovely lady, The Catch Restaurant in Anaheim, Pixar, TV commercials, Coachella, technology, beauty, fast cars, Vegas, the beach, sex on the beach, candles, Philips Hue, Dave’s sense of humor, Throat Coat Tea, sunglasses, Lemonade Café in Burbank, pressed juice, jeans, sweats, long drives, cursing loudly when excited, his agents, Amazon, cameras, SAG-AFTRA, people who don’t “fit in”, Washington cherries, friends, family, Sabra Hummus, love.

Jesse Dislikes:

Boredom, excessive heat, dogma, repetition, North Korean dictators, disease, hatred, hangovers, eating unhealthy foods, shitty driving, ignorance, depression, being tired, violence, religion, the frailty of human emotions, seeing a friend in pain, anxiety, sudden loud noises, being alone for more than 4 hours, being sick, animosity, goat cheese, mayonnaise.

Dave Martina

Dave Martina, Blurred Radio Co-Host

Dave Martina

Dave Martina is a small man with big ideas. His work as a brand therapist, producer and rabble rouser has allowed him to tell stories for a variety of industries, from network security consulting to higher education, interactive development to tree trimming and beyond. Always eager to dwell at the intersections of wildly disparate things, Blurred is a welcome outlet to live vicariously through the work and experiences of creatives in a multitude of disciplines not his own.

In a former life, Dave worked for three years with Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino (UP, Ratatouille, Star Trek, LOST) and was an Associate Producer on the album LOST: Songs from the Island for Solo Piano. In 2011, he formed The 558 Network, a formal alumni network for Biola graduates in the entertainment and creative industries. His only claim to fame is spending 3 hours as a stunt double for Patton Oswalt.

Dave Martina is an alumnus of Biola University and a Perpetual Member of the Torrey Honors Institute. He is married to Michelle Gutierrez Martina, the creative producer of the ‘work behind the work’ called Dave’s life.

Things Dave likes (at the time of this writing):

Snarky Puppy. Fine Scotch. This shot from North by Northwest. Dirty Loops (especially Henrik Linder). Smoking his briar pipe. Rory Sutherland. The bean dip from San Marcos Grill and margaritas from Mexicali Cantina. Long road trips. Michael Brecker’s Wide Angles on road trips. RadioLab and 99% Invisible. Sirens. (Also Sirens – beware!) Walt Disney. G.K. Chesterton. Winston Churchill. Teddy Roosevelt.


Thomas Kinkade’s paintings. (I didn’t know the man, myself.)