About The Show

The world is changing at a remarkable clip. Nearly every industry is undergoing rapid shifts in the way the players interact, do business, and grow companies, and it is no less true in the creative sector. Technology is becoming more powerful, more accessible, and more user-friendly than ever before, and distribution channels for storytelling are exploding in every direction, merging and crossing, breaking the rules and allowing ideas to more completely infiltrate our lives than ever before.

Blurred Radio exists to explore creativity, innovation, and the “work behind the work” in the 21st century media landscape. Each episode features an interview with someone breaking ground in the creative world, who work behind the scenes to bring the impossible into view. They come from such diverse industries as film, television, advertising, interactive and immersive media, design, business, art, software and technology, music, theatre and more.

Blurred is the side project of two wanderers through this exciting and mercurial frontier. Jesse Springer is a voiceover artist, commercial director and producer, and music producer and enthusiast. Dave Martina is a brand therapist, creative producer, and jazzhead. They are insatiably curious, and eager to traverse the rapidly-turning pages of history by dialoguing with the people who are taking bold new steps every day.